MPI clean up

MPI Clean Up

Intellis implements MPI solutions that expedite processes with minimal disruption to daily physician practice operations.

Trust Intellis with MPI Clean Up

Physician practices rely on the information included in patients’ medical records to make critical treatment decisions and deliver quality care as efficiently as possible. An accurate and consistent master patient index (MPI) is vital to ensuring that doctors properly identify each patient’s medical records, have the patient’s complete health history, and link to his/her records across diverse databases and healthcare organizations.

Management of the MPI is an ongoing struggle for physician practices. Many practices do not have sufficient HIM staff to devote to this full-time task. The practice must overcome MPI problems emanating from three broad categories.

MPI Challenges:

  • Duplicate records – More than one record exists for the same person within a single facility.
  • Overlap – One person has records at multiple connected facilities.
  • Overlay – Two or more people’s information logged under the same MRN.

Intellis Takes Action

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Intellis’ MPI Clean Up resolves these problems by utilizing a combination of professional services and advanced technology and helps to prevent new issues from occurring.

Intellis will provide a proposal outlining the project including goals, time estimates and methodology with any associated fees.

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