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Navigating industry changes and advancing efficiency for revenue cycle transformation and long-term, sustainable results

Revolutionizing Revenue Cycle

Intellis is the smart choice for healthcare revenue cycle management services and advisory solutions. Designed with growing health systems in mind, we provide a comprehensive approach that evaluates, analyzes, and manages all revenue cycle elements. From patient encounters to reimbursement, and each critical step in between, proven strategies simplify processes while ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

ntellis Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management process
  • Improving documentation
  • Evaluating and increasing case-mix
  • Increasing coding accuracy
  • Simplifying charge capture
  • Optimizing reimbursement
  • Advancing clinical integration
  • Accelerating revenue cycle performance
  • Ensuring revenue integrity

Delivering Revenue Cycle Solutions

Improving the financial health of organizations requires strong revenue cycle collaboration. We assist health systems in achieving their goals, while also reflecting on past performance, analyzing current structures, and implementing adjustments that propel a top-performing revenue cycle.

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Medical Coding
Forming a partnership with Intellis provides an immediate value impact measured by increased cash flow, diminished backlog, and decreased denials. Additional benefits include reduced AR days/DNFB, an achievable increase in CMI, and a renewed commitment to quality and compliance.
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Medical Auditing
The Intellis IQ Auditing team delivers timely services with a focus on analysis, process improvement, and education. Our audit results and recommendations are both measurable and sustainable, with a proven track record of advancing process improvement goals.
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Risk Adjustment and HCCs
For RA/HCC assessments and education, our team is unmatched. Boasting years of unparalleled experience and successful review of thousands of records, our credentialed HCC coders and auditors maintain exceptional accuracy and offer recommendations for optimizing HCC capture.

Meeting Critical Needs

With a focus on revenue cycle management and Healthcare Information Management (HIM), our consulting services provide custom-fit solutions tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.

Operational Assessments

Our team draws on best practices to pinpoint challenges and opportunities for improvement. By updating processes and implementing high-level performance, our operational assessments support departments in achieving industry excellence.

Appeals and Denial Management

Our clinical and coding experts partner with organizations to assess denial trends, provide education on denial prevention, implement defensive strategies to reduce risk and assist with appeal assessment and submission.


Our proven methodologies streamline workflows, simplify billing processes, and reduce rejections and denials putting our clients on the fast track to achieving their DNFB goals.

Edit Resolution

Our solid edit prevention and resolution process proactively decrease denial rates and increase clean claims percentages. Our IQ coding experts deliver best practices for establishing internal edit workflows.

Charge Master

We partner with facilities’ teams for comprehensive assessment and maintenance of the chargemaster to prevent revenue leakage and ensure revenue integrity.

Precision-Driven Data Analytics

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Our clients benefit from IntelliScope, Intellis’ proprietary data analytics toolset. IntelliScope supports each of our services by analyzing key metrics to pinpoint value, identify prospective losses and gains, and highlight opportunities for growth — providing vital industry wisdom and insights.

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