The IQ Six-Phase HIT Approach

Backed by experience and flexible, responsive, tailored HIT solutions, Intellis industry experts help put your organization on a clear path to meeting your objectives

Harnessing Healthcare IT Demands Across the Healthcare Continuum

Mergers and acquisitions pose unique challenges in an already complex environment. With patient care on the line as well as rigorous compliance regulations and reimbursement objectives, time is of the essence. With a deeper understanding of EHR systems and their critical relationship with the effective delivery of patient care across the healthcare continuum, Intellis leads the way by managing change and mission critical processes.

The Intellis IQ team, led by industry-recognized subject matter experts, utilize proven best practices in our Six-Phase HIT Approach to help our client partners work smarter. Learn more below.

Phase 1: Holistic Assessment

The holistic assessment phase determines the status of the EHR, legacy systems, and all points of data integration. The Intellis IQ team works with your organization to examine all attributes of the project at a deeper level in order to formulate a holistic HIT implementation plan that sets clear goals and objectives for all stakeholders.

Phase 2: Preparation

Our industry experts work with our client partners to decide the ideal amount of preparation needed to maximize efficiency, accelerate the path to success, and mitigate the variables that will inevitably emerge during the digital transformation. With the ability to anticipate roadblocks and build in solutions that will ensure project progress, the Intellis IQ team works to figure out the best way forward for each organization we serve.

Phase 3: Decision Making

Quick and effective decision-making will define the trajectory of a project. The path to success depends on seeing the big picture, regaining collective alignment, and getting unstuck when obstacles surface. The Intellis IQ team employs a robust process ensuring quality decisions are made at the correct level of the organization, stakeholders are empowered and committed to implementation objectives, and the impact of decisions yields value-added results.

Phase 4: Data Migration

The migration of data from one system to another is not an exact science. The fallout can have dramatic implications to the delivery of patient care as well as patient identity integrity. The Intellis IQ clinical data abstraction process fills in the holes of critical patient data and allows the EHR to be used day one by care providers. The enterprise master patient index (EMPI) expert team at Intellis focuses on patient identity best practices, and delivers actionable, customized, and comprehensive strategies to manage this complex process throughout all phases of the project.

Phase 5: Analytics and Reporting

The critical nature of the accuracy of patient data necessitates analysis of the data transformation process as well as the deliverables to ensure the objectives of the project are met. Continually analyzing data is an important step in the process in order to decide whether to continue the current path or deliver course correction. Information obtained through analysis may necessitate course correction which in turn provides balanced outcomes. The Intellis IQ HIT process utilizes IntelliScope, as well as various proven methodologies, to analyze the performance of a data transformation project with objective smart tools to provide the transparency necessary to get to the root of a multilayered complex data project.

Phase 6: Ongoing Evaluation and Maintenance

Even when the project is over, it’s not really over for the organizations we partner with. Stakeholders are tasked with keeping an eye on the overall functionality and maintenance of HIT systems. Without constant monitoring, systems will get out of sync and issues will arise that hinder the functionality and objectives of these HIT systems. Undoubtedly, this will compromise delivery of patient care, patient identity integrity, and compliance initiatives. The Intellis IQ team is well equipped to make recommendations and assist with ongoing evaluation and maintenance of HIT systems to safeguard your sizable investment of time and resources.

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