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Master Patient Index Clean up

Ensuring patient identity is serious business. Positively identifying a patient and matching his/her correct medical record is a foundation of effective healthcare. Physicians/providers rely on the data contained in patients’ medical records to make critical treatment decisions and deliver quality care as efficiently as possible. Given the multiple patient entry points within a health system — hospitals, clinics, and physician offices — coupled with the growing number of health system mergers and acquisitions, patient misidentification opportunities are numerous.
Duplicate medical record numbers and patient identification errors negatively impact patient care, healthcare delivery, and risk dangerous and costly consequences that can lead to:

  • Jeopardized patient safety
  • Risk of medical errors due to missing information
  • Decreased revenue cycle efficiency

An accurate and consistent Master Patient Index (MPI) is vital to ensuring each patient’s proper identification. In the MPI, a patient’s complete medical record is linked to the patient, helping to ensure that the right care is delivered to the right patient.

Combining People, Process, and Technology to Ensure Accurate Patient Data

MPI cleanup is essential to improving the investment organizations make into implementing EHR systems and EMPI. As health systems grow and add vast amounts of clinical data, the need for accurate patient matching and correct patient data at the point of care increase exponentially.

The Intellis MPI team stands ready to meet EMPI challenges with decades of on the ground MPI clean up experience. Comprised of full-time MPI specialists, our team is armed with investigative and decision-making skills specific to deliver proper and timely remediation. We leverage our expert team, flexible approach, proven methodologies, analytical and reporting tools, and established workflows to deliver cost-effective, large-scale duplicate record identification and resolution.

People. Process. Technology. Using advanced technology and smart algorithms, Intellis creates a customized work plan for each client based on their unique infrastructure and IT landscape. Also, by teaming with Verato, Intellis offers referential matching technology. This technology simplifies processes, allows for scalability, and helps to minimize duplicate creation going forward.

  • Benefits of MPI clean-up and maintenance
  • Complete medical records at the point of patient care
  • Improved patient safety
  • Reduced medical errors
  • Improved patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Enhanced revenue cycle efficiency
  • Decreased claims denials
  • Increased quality performance
  • Increased provider satisfaction and productivity

Referential Matching Technology – A Smart and Agile Approach

Referential matching uses a cutting-edge approach and advanced algorithms for patient matching. It has proven to be more accurate than EHR and EMPI technologies alone. Rather than directly comparing the demographic data from two patient records to identify a match, Referential matching technology matches demographic data to its comprehensive and continuously-updated reference database of identities.

Referential matching is designed to find and resolve missed matches and duplicate records. The “plug-in” works continuously and can be executed in real-time to prevent duplicates from being created.

Referential Matching supports and augments EHR and EMPI matching technologies in order to offer a combined approach that more accurately identifies duplicate records and is designed to prevent patient misidentification.

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