Interim Management and Consulting

Intellis strives to fill the gaps in leadership and personnel that prevent health related organizations from operating smoothly.

Interim Management and Consulting

The foremost focus of interim management is to provide health information management expertise, consultation and guidance for HIM staff in the absence of a director, manager or coding manager. The Intellis interim management team supports the accomplishment of departmental goals and fulfills expectations of the management position as outlined by the facility’s administration.

We recognize the importance of HIM operations and the impact they have on both patient care and the facility’s bottom line. We have significant experience that demonstrates how managerial assistance on a temporary basis can be beneficial during system conversions, major process and regulatory changes, and operations or coding manager vacancies. Our team assists in keeping our clients’ departments running smoothly through the use of strong interpersonal skills and a morale-building approach to work.

At Intellis, we offer expertise in all aspects of health information management to help organizations achieve optimal performance.

We Provide Staffing Solutions for the Following Positions:

  • Director of HIM
  • Manager of HIM
  • Supervisor of HIM
  • Coding Manager
  • Coding Consultants

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