Addressing a Critical Ransomware Recovery Gap: Downtime Documentation

Addressing Ransomware Downtime DataThe proliferation of well-publicized healthcare-targeted cyberattacks confirms that ransomware is a particularly serious threat to the healthcare industry. In 2020 alone, ransomware attacks cost healthcare organizations $21 billion (Leventhal, 2021). Comprehensive cybersecurity strategies involve prevention, compliance, preparedness, and recovery. Beyond these, many health-sector security strategies overlook a critical gap by failing to address the timely handling and validation of patient data generated during ransomware downtime (or other EHR interruption). Lack of attention to this gap may exacerbate malware’s effect on the quality of care and the bottom line.

Through our experience in assisting healthcare organizations victimized by cyberattacks, Intellis has developed a white paper presenting a preparedness strategy for facilitating the timely validation and synchronization of backlogged historical documentation compiled during a ransomware breach. Get our white paper: “Addressing a Critical Ransomware Recovery Gap.”

If your organization requires advice or assistance to address a downtime documentation backlog caused by a malware incident, our experienced team stands ready to help. Contact us confidentially.