Highlighting Critical E/M Updates

Intellis IQ Podcast
Intellis IQ Podcast
Highlighting Critical E/M Updates

Due to the continuously evolving nature of the HIM industry, Intellis works tirelessly to deliver up-to-date content and share our knowledge with our community. If you previously listened to our podcast regarding E/M updates, please note that additional updates occurred after the podcast went live. You can find new information at the beginning of the updated podcast.

Our Chief Nursing Officer, Allison Van Doren, interviews Jeanie Heck, our Director of Education, regarding her insights on how providers and coders are managing and applying the new 2021 E/M guideline changes. Further, Allison and Jeanie discuss some of the gray areas that have arisen as a result of the changes. If you would like to learn more about our IQ suite of solutions, or if you have a topic you would like us to address, please our website and contact us at info@intellisIQ.com.

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