Intellis Announces Patient Identity Management Partnership

Partnership supports highly accurate patient matching and patient record management for providers as they implement new EHR platforms

At Intellis, we’re trusted industry experts offering customized and flexible revenue cycle management services for hospitals and health systems. We’re proud to enhance our efforts with a new partner. We’re teaming with Verato a leading provider of cloud-based identity resolution services. Together we’re enabling customers to leverage integrated technology and services. This ensures accurate matching of patient medical and financial records with the right patient.

Behind the numbers

A Pew Trust research analysis found that when healthcare organizations do not have the right capabilities in place for patient matching, the resulting errors have a significant impact on patient safety and healthcare costs:

  • One in five hospital chief information officers links an instance of patient harm to a mismatch in patient records.
  • Up to half of patient records are not accurately matched during transfers from one facility to another, such as from a rural hospital to an urban facility.
  • Up to one in five patient records within the same health system are not accurately matched with patients.

Sometimes, these errors are due to typos made while inputting patient information during registration. Also, patient information changes, data formatting issues, and insurance fraud are culprits. Mismatched records are expensive to fix: One hospital spent $96 per patient record to resolve duplicate records in its system.

President’s perspective

“The partnership between Intellis and Verato increases efficiency in EHR consolidation. Also, it aids clinicians at the point of care when the ability to access the right information quickly is critical to providing trusted care,” says Dan Cooke, President, Intellis. “We’re pleased to partner with Verato in providing state-of-the-art solutions for seamless integration and migration of EHRs. Our joint “services plus solutions” approach protects the integrity of patient data as well as patient safety.”

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