Clinical Data Abstraction Services

At Intellis, we’re HIM industry leaders for EHR conversion and clinical data abstraction, and we’ve successfully converted more than two million records.

Comprised of highly trained, experienced abstractors, the Intellis team assists organizations in smooth transitions from paper charts and legacy systems to targeted EHRs. Our skilled professionals abstract physician practice and clinic records from multiple sources and then input data according to practice-specified key clinical data elements including medication lists, problem lists, progress notes, immunizations, allergies, and surgical, family, and social histories. Our process provides a complete “source of truth” for the patient in the EHR system and is completed before the patient’s next visit.

The Intellis Advantage

  • A Lean Approach Reducing Waste and Waits
  • Stronger Data Quality Integrity
  • Increased Support for Health System initiatives
  • Smoother migration and EHR adoption
  • Increased Physician and Clinical care staff satisfaction
  • Enhanced revenue cycle management

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