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When change creates challenges, Intellis advisory services expertly guide revenue cycle, HIM and HIT solutions

Navigating the M&A Process

Consolidation in healthcare is a continuing trend. According to research by the Physician’s Advocacy Institute, the number of hospital-acquired physician practices increased by 70% from 2012 to 2018, and a report from PwC found that hospital merger and acquisition deal volume grew 19 percent from 2018 to 2019.

For those working in HIM and HIT, the biggest impact of M&A activity is felt in the merging of EHR systems. The Intellis team has worked with numerous healthcare systems to help them navigate the process to ensure that patient data is preserved, deduplicated, and made available in all corners of the enlarged organization.

Maximizing Value-Based Reimbursement

In the decade since value-based care emerged as an approach to both cut costs and improve care, adoption has steadily grown but fee-for-service care is still common, according to Xtelligent Healthcare Media. As CMS continues to refine value-based reimbursement models and the healthcare industry adjusts to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever for healthcare systems to have the right partner.

Intellis is on the front lines of value-based reimbursement and can bring unparalleled insights to bear from healthcare systems as they look to increase adoption of value-based care and maximize their revenues.

Enhancing Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction has become a business imperative for hospitals with patient satisfaction tied directly to reimbursement in value-based care models. With nationwide HCAHPS satisfaction scores at 72 out of 100 in the April 2020 report, hospitals are looking at all facets of the care continuum to boost their score.

Intellis brings decades of experience in optimizing the business side of healthcare through revenue cycle management, HIM and HIT services. By helping improve the patient’s journey through the system, Intellis can help boost the scores of hospitals and healthcare systems so they can be both patient-centric and profitable.

Optimizing Data Quality

When it comes to improving the quality of their data, hospitals need to look at both the individual patient and the patient population. Better individual patient records can help improve patient care, safety, and satisfaction as well as the revenue cycle. Optimized aggregated data can be invaluable when making strategic decisions for the future.

The Intellis team delivers CDI, master patient index clean up and EHR support that helps hospitals perfect the patient record and build datasets they can depend on. Higher quality data also opens the door to machine learning and AI advancements that will drive the next level of hospital operations.

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